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Birth & Beyond Education Curriculum
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2 Prenatal Visits
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Availability 24/7 from 38 to 42 weeks
Continuous support during active labor and up to 2 hours postpartum
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Placenta Encapsulation
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Birth & Beyond Education Curriculum
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Support and care for new mothers
Assistance for the entire family during transition period when welcoming a new family member


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Preparation of your placenta in a sterile environment
Delivered ready to be frozen for use in smoothies

FUSE: A Retreat for Couples Birthing Together

East Hampton, NY
April 3-5, 2020
(with future engagements to follow)

We invite you to experience an all inclusive weekend together featuring:

- comprehensive birth and beyond childbirth education
- prenatal yoga postures and breathwork
- meditation, fear release
- intentional relationship building
- community
- Private bed/bath accommodations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Birth Doula?

A trained professional ready to support and empower you to achieve the birth you most desire.  Doulas offer physical, emotional, and mental support from pregnancy through the postpartum period.  This can include: relaxation techniques, intention setting, music, lighting, essential oils, preparing a birth plan, etc.  A doula acts as an additional support, relieving stress and pressure from both the birther and the partner.  Maternal health outcomes are statistically shown to be vastly improved when a doula is present.

When will you join me in labor? How long will you stay? What if you have another client?

I am available to you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week from 38 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy. Please call me directly if you believe you are in active labor.  Active labor is defined as one contraction every 5 minutes, lasting for a minute or longer, and continuing for one hour.  I will arrive as soon as possible but no later than 2 hours following your call. For this reason please be sure to maintain communication during early labor.

I will stay with you during active labor and up to 2 hours postpartum.

I will not take on additional clients that would conflict with your 4 week window from 38 to 42 weeks.  During this time I am dedicated to you.  Additionally, I always have a backup on call in case of emergencies.

What is the Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education Curriculum?

A comprehensive course designed to fully educate partners as they move through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.  This course will show you the beauty of birth while also becoming informed and empowered parents.  We will cover all aspects of wellness, physical development, what to expect during labor, how to set a birth environment, how to manage unexpected variations, the role of the partner, and newborn care.

What are Placentophagy Services?

Professional preparation of the placenta, a human organ which grows inside your uterus during pregnancy and which nourishes your baby during its development.  The placenta is expelled from the body after the baby is born during the third stage of labor.  In some communities it is common for the birther to consume her placenta following birth.  Placentophagy services makes this possible by preparing the placenta in a variety of ways: frozen cubes, dehydrated capsules, or tincture.

Customized Services

Combine or customize any of our available services. We will work with you to create the perfect package to meet your needs!
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