I can help you achieve the birth story you most deeply desire.

Mom of three, public health expert, social justice advocate, passionate about maternal health, doula, birth educator, placenta specialist. I am honored to walk with you on this journey.

My Short Story

"I am a public health expert with a passion for maternal health issues and women’s rights, and a research background in evidence based practices. I hold an MPH from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. "

Christina Harris
Located in Miller Place
Serving Nassau & Suffolk

My journey into the world of birth began over 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Sonia. While taking a Bradley Method Childbirth Education course, my partner, Justin, and I became conscious of both the sacred power of birth as well as the myriad social issues affecting maternal health outcomes. Sonia was born at Stony Brook Hospital with the midwives and a doula present to support us.

Our second daughter, Kalea, was born at home with a midwife and doula present. We prepared for this new experience by adding Hypnobirthing to our skillset.

Our third child, a boy named Solomon, was also born at home with a midwife and doula assisting.  We added in a birthing pool and prepared for this experience by taking the Birth and Beyond Childbirth Education Curriculum.
My formal education began at Old Dominion University in Virginia where I obtained a BS in Sociology. I continued my education at Loyola University Chicago where I received an MA in Social Justice.

After the birth of my first two children I knew that my passion for maternal health issues would bring me back to school.  I subsequently received an MPH from The George Washington University in Washington DC where my research focused on evidence based practiced surrounding birth and women's health.

Birth is not a disease but a natural biological function so why do we treat pregnant women as if they are sick?  I believe in a Better Way for women to approach birth.  Together we can empower one another to achieve both the birth we desire and the maternal health outcomes that we deserve.
It is my desire to share my education, skills, and personal experience to empower women on Long Island to achieve the birth they most deeply desire.  To accomplish this I offer a variety of services all rooted in support and the commitment to walk with you on your journey.

I currently offer:
Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education
Birth & Postpartum Doula Support Breastfeeding Support
Placenta Services
Retreat for Partners Birthing Together
Support for parents experiencing or anticipating a child with special needs

Certifying Organizations:
Old Dominion University
Loyola University Chicago
The George Washington University
Birth & Beyond Resources

Public Health Expert

BS Sociology
MA Social Justice



Birth Educator

Comprehensive Birth and Beyond Childbirth Curriculum 



My passion, your birth.

Bringing together formal education, personal birth experience, and specialized training to help you achieve the birth that YOU desire most.
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